• Question: Do you all have children? If so, have they affected your work? As in, inspiring you to investigate further on subjects?

    Asked by hattiekitty14 to Michael, Panos, Sarah on 24 Jun 2010 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Panos Soultanas

      Panos Soultanas answered on 24 Jun 2010:

      Hello hattiekitty14,

      Good question.! I have 2 teenage girls (15 and 18). I have enjoyed very much bringing them up and certainly they have not affected my own work in any negative way. Bringing up kids makes me realize many new things about life and you get to learn a lot of practical things too.
      If anything I would say that my kids have affected me positively in what I do as they gave me more energy and inspiration. They are both very good at music playing piano and guitar and that helped me get a little bit more into music. My eldest daughter is a good musician check out her songs on
      Let me know what you think…!


    • Photo: Michael Loughlin

      Michael Loughlin answered on 24 Jun 2010:

      yes i have a son who is nearly 6 years old.

      He has affected my work a lot…its made me more affected by stories of young children who are ill ( as well as news stories about children who have been hurt..especially by their parents)
      Its also made me more aware of the responsibility i have..to both explain things to him fairly and without any prejudIce ( I tend to use the phrase “people believe” to cover all faiths religions and opinions ..not necessarily proof but belief) but also to do my bit to ensure he grows up healthy in a world that is not too badly affected by what my and previous generations have done.
      And having someone who relies on you completely always pushes you to work harder..but also to always make time for him…as the time which he wants to spend with parents will all too soon be over as he becomes an adult